Escrow 1 BTC today, get 2 BTC tomorrow


We have access to certain facilities with unique software and hardware that allows us to multiply the balance in a number of Bitcoin wallets under our control to up to 6-fold, this is, if the wallet holds 1 BTC, we can turn it into 6 BTCs within 24 hours tops.

The problem comes when the process is complete, at that point that wallet becomes unusable, so we need to bleed out the wallet before the process completes, this issue prevents us also to multiply our earnings geometrically as we cannot use the same bitcoins again to repeat the process so we always need fresh new seeds and to create fresh new wallets to start the process again.

The deal here is that we are ready to share a 30% of our earnings in exchange for anyone who can help us lending  us new bitcoins, until we find a way to solve the problem.

So if you 'lend' us 1 BTC (seeds) we will give back 2 BTCs to you, effectively multiplying your BTCs 2-fold

Minimum deposit is 1 BTC
Maximum deposit is 20 BTC

Choose the Escrow to work with and make your deposit with confidence



Pay via SafePayBTC

Pay via Umbrella Escrow



There are many scams around in the Darknet, Here we simply need capital to make our discovery work, that is why we choose to work with 2 different escrows to insure a business model that allows a win-win deal both your us and for you.

  • 2 Different Escrow sites to choose from
  • We are not stealing from anyone, no crime involved
  • New bitcoins generated, no tainted money
  • Completely stealth and safe
  • Automatic refund after 48 hours

Contact Us via
Bitmessage at:

How this is NOT a SCAM?
The fact that you can use 3 different Escrows to make this deal proves that we are serious and your BTCs are safe.
How fast will i get my BTCs back?
In 24 hours, tops, can be earlier but not later.
If after 48 hours you have not received the doubled BTCs, the escrow will automatically  revert the funds to you account.